Why Choose HotSpot Kinase Screening?

Our HotSpot kinase screening service offers a precise and reliable picture of your compound’s kinase activity and selectivity on the largest human kinome panel using a proprietary radiometric filter binding assay optimized for maximal sensitivity.


The industry's largest kinome panel

Choose from the industry’s largest human kinome panel, featuring up to 780+ kinases including specialized panels such as CDK, EGFR, and more.


Detect true kinase activity 

HotSpot kinase screening uses the best-in-class filter binding radiometric assay that minimizes false positive and negatives.


Test in physiologically relevant conditions 

Our validated radiometric assay is now available at physiologically relevant 1mM ATP concentrations.

Screen your compound with ATP-Max KinomeScreen, a full panel 340 wild type kinases, for comprehensive and deep interrogation.

Or choose ATP-Max Diversify, a tailored panel of representative isoforms from each major kinase family for quicker understanding.

Standard concentrations of  1μM, 10μM or apparent ATP-Km up to 100μM are also available for our full panel.

Quality Assurance

Receive a kinase-specific control compound with any screen of
10-dose IC50 format.


Suitable for both kinase inhibitors (including competitive, non-competitive, and allosteric inhibitors) and kinase activators.